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About Us

Handsflow is an established premier integrative health & psychological mental well-being healing space. It offers local and international consultations through client-focused approach using time-tested interventions that are safe and non-invasive as an enabling tool for those in need of harmony.


We aim to be the catalyst to Restore, Revitalise, and Renew our natural rhythmic flow within us. Handsflow is represented by five fingers. The five fingers represent the five elements of the outer world we exist in -earth, air, wood, water and fire. The five fingers also represent the tools to unlock the five struggles of our inner world - worry, fear, anger, grief and pre-tense.
When there is balance between both worlds, there is a rippling effect of harmony throughout our lives and others. With Handsflow, each client experiences a customized program to bring about the optimal level of outcome

Nicole's Journey

Nicole is a Psychologist and clinical  JSJ certified therapist who has been in this field for more than 20 years. She served as a Psychologist at the Singapore Prime Minister’s Office (PMO PSC) shortly after graduation in 1996, thereafter in Special Schools and then The Ministry of Education, HQ. 

Nicole is considered the first psychologist in Singapore to be a certified JSJ practitioner. She is also the author of the book “Healing Journeys through the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu”. Her book is highly sought after as a reference book in the Singapore National Library -Lee Kong Chian Reference Library.


Craving to help her family, friends and relatives, Nicole tenaciously devoted her time on countless JSJ related classes, workshops, seminars/webinars with a number of respectable teachers worldwide, including Kato Sineh to hone this Art of touch therapy. She also studied under the mentorship of esteemed Dr Stephanie Mines, neuroscientist & embryologist, particularly in areas -Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Hormonal Resilience & Trauma Resolution.

To expand her skills further in trauma therapy, Nicole is also a certified practitioner in Multichannel Eye Movement Integration (MEMI), a relatively new treatment paradigm for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

By incorporating these various psychological tools into the therapy, Nicole has enjoyed a very successful and fulfilling calling as a Psychologist offering psycho-energetic therapy to clients through customised face-to -face/ remote sessions.


Nicole and Jin Shin Jyutsu

With her rich experience and through word-of-mouth reputation, Nicole’s expertise is readily sought locally and internationally. Her clientele range from infants to adults in different walks of life, including allied healthcare professionals (AHPs) and medical doctors. Nicole also specialises in JSJ intensive treatment for chronic and intractable conditions. Over the years, she has worked with clients with these concerns (not limited to) -Anxiety, Arthritis, Auto-immune, Bell’s Palsy, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Depression, Epilepsy & Special needs, Fertility, Grief, Insomnia, Inflammation, Learning & Attention, Moya Moya, Nutcracker syndrome,  Numbness & Pain, Surgery - pre & post, etc.

In addition, Nicole is the Consultant Psychologist for NannyPro, since its conception in 2018. NannyPro is a “Business for Good” social enterprise that makes impactful contributions in the lives of homemakers and low-income families through life skills training. She spearheaded the Self Care Training Programmes which incorporates the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu for the On-boarders and has trained many batches of nanny trainees to date.

With this gentle touch therapy, Nicole works closely with each of her clients to experience their own unique harmonious and transformative state. Nicole attracts a niche market of clients who are open to embracing this
integrative holistic therapy to resolve their health challenges and more importantly, to awakening their innate potential of healing within. Hence upkeeping their health journey with her after they regain their balance & harmony.


Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is also known as "Acupuncture without needles". It is a gentle integrative touch therapy that promotes inner healing, relieves pain and stress associated with a variety of diagnosis. Being a safe, effective and non-invasive in nature, JSJ therapy is an excellent complement to traditional modality and it has already been incorporated in the treatment plan of several US-hospitals. 

JSJ works on the principles that our bodies have many energetic pathways that nourish all of our cells. When one or more of these pathways are disrupted due to variety of reasons (external and internal stressors such as emotional disturbances; mental anxieties and worries; diet; physical strains and injuries etc.) the energy flow is blocked.

These blockages may lead to an imbalance of physical, mental or emotional well-being and can become chronic if not treated. Hands-on sessions from a trained and experienced professional promote impactful healing support in harmonising the vital energy of the whole person, hence boosting the body to Restore, Revitalize and Renew - physical, mental-emotional well-being.

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