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Testimonials - Chronic

Nothing pleases us more than seeing JSJ bring joy and harmony to our clients. Do take your time to immerse in each of the heartfelt sharing below, with the intention that you too, be blessed as much as we are blessed to have been part of each and every healing journey!


Thank you for allowing Hands Flow to be your preferred choice and trusted partner.

Major illnesses

Auto-Immune - Cancer Marker Dropped! 
I have an autoimmune illness and have been on immunosuppressants for the past 3 years. When
Co-vid 19 started, I stopped many activities including JSJ and pilates to avoid too much contact with people.  In May, I had to see my Rheumatologist for my quarterly review. My doctor and I were equally shocked that my LDH (296) had increased and was above the normal range (120-246). In the past, my LDH was always normal. LDH is a plausible but not definitive indicator of cancer. My doctor did not increase my medication. She decided to retest in 2 months before deciding on the course of action.

As my autoimmune illness increases the chances of lymphoma, I decided to restarted JSJ with Nicole, once a week and practised all that Nicole taught me at home almost daily. At home, I would also, practice JSJ - main central and all the other flows that Nicole taught me.  I also added more nutritious food into my diet and cut back on the half glass of wine that I was consuming daily.  In July, my blood test results were surprisingly better than I had hoped for. My LDH dropped to 180 (normal). I am sure JSJ contributed positively to the better than expected results
Ms B Teoh, Homemaker

Women's issues

JSJ Miracle Baby
It's been a blessing to have met Nicole through this JSJ journey together. 

We started with the intention of having a baby and what a blessing to be able to conceive. JSJ has been truly the right method of healing, restoration and health building through this time as its non invasive, practical and applicable.

I hope many more people will come to love and appreciate this art! Grateful to have met Nicole, mine and baby's angel and our dear friend!
AT, entrepreneur 

Chronic Fatigue/Burnout

JSJ self help boosts my health
I was introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) through a church friend when my husband was undergoing medical treatment. It was a very stressful time at home. 
I found the self-care of using my hands and the immune flow very useful. Whenever I could not sleep I would hold my thumb. At times I would wake up still holding my thumb! 

I was introduced to Nicole through another friend and am so glad to know her.  She is not only a well-trained and professional JSJ practitioner, as a person she is gentle, kind, patient, understanding and encouraging. She is never rushing and always lends a listening ear. I can trust her because she is discreet and extremely passionate about helping me improve and be well. She shares and doesn’t hold back and try to “retain” me. After each session she will give me homework to do so that in between our sessions I can use the flows to help myself.  She is truly a practitioner who cares and thinks of her clients first.

Jin Shin Jyutsu like many complementary therapies and even conventional medicine isn’t a cure all but it is a powerful therapy that requires our patience, our participation and also our willingness to allow our body to heal. 

I highly recommend JSJ and definitely Nicole Ting of Hands Flow.
Chan Xiao Li 
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