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Testimonials - Acute

Nothing pleases us more than seeing JSJ bring joy and harmony to our clients. Do take your time to immerse in each of the heartfelt sharing below, with the intention that you too, be blessed as much as we are blessed to have been part of each and every healing journey!


Thank you for allowing Hands Flow to be your preferred choice and trusted partner.

Image by Kalen Emsley

Pain & Inflammation

Lower Back Pain & Numbness
It was a mind-blowing experience! During the session, I felt a lot of energy moving within my body. At one point, my thighs were vibrating and I could see the tremors with my naked eyes. Immediately after the session, to my surprise, the pain, which pestered me for ages, along the lower back and thighs were gone! Interestingly, I burped non-stop over the weekend and felt a lot lighter physically, mentally and emotionally! 
Ms Feng YW, Executive, Irlen Dyslexia Clinic

General Health

Speedy Post Surgery Recovery
I felt something's going on, I could feel a warm feeling starting to circulate inside my body.  A calm and warm feeling that I can't fully explain.  It  seems to melt away my tension and made me feel so relaxed. Immediately after my 1st session ended, the feeling of heaviness on my whole body is gone.  Physically and mentally lighter.  That night, I could sleep well and peacefully without disruptions.  My scary nightmares were also gone!
Chell, Private Nurse

Eyes Eyes Eyes

Eyes & Thyroid
Dear Nicole. I Thank God for giving you the healing touch through JSJ. I have personally experience this recently.  My thyroid affected  my eyes ( Graves Disease).  Through you, Nicole using JSJ, it helped to augment my current treatment to reduce tissue swell under my eyelid and my thyroid. This issue swell under eyelid has caused me double vision and I had this “surprised look”. After 1 cycle of JSJ with Nicole she  taught me self help, my eyes has progressively improved.  In fact with Nicole  gentle assuring touch, my body responded well to the JSJ healing . Using JSJ protocol on myself daily together with Nicole touch, my thyroid has surely and progressively healed ( much lower dosage medicine) and my eyes recovered its vision back. With reduced  swollen eyeslid tissues, my eyes are almost back to the normal look, minimal bulging and no more strained look. Thank You Nicole, I can now look at people normally. My reading vision has also improved day by day.  God bless you Nicole as you bless many more people everyday via JSJ. 
Marian Chia,  Life & Leadership Coach
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