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Testimonials - Remote Healing

Nothing pleases us more than seeing JSJ bring joy and harmony to our clients. Do take your time to immerse in each of the heartfelt sharing below, with the intention that you too, be blessed as much as we are blessed to have been part of each and every healing journey!


Thank you for allowing Hands Flow to be your preferred choice and trusted partner.

Having received Jin Shin Jyutsu regularly and doing self-help for at least an hour daily, I've experienced the benefits of Jin Shin Jyutsu as a powerful therapy modality that's been the core part of my 9 year journey of a medicine free recovery fromoromandibular dystonia.Remote Jin Shin Jyutsu. While it takes a while to wrap one's head around it, the effects are undeniable.An physicist explained it this way - it's in the realm of quantum physics and beyond. Like how light energy from the sun travels such huge distances, yet can burn the skin. With complete trust, I agreed to Nicole Ting's remote Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions. All I did was lie down and do nothing. And every session, there'd be profuse perspiration or extreme relaxation. Either way, there'd always be some measure of physical reaction that was consistent enough across all 6 sessions that one could rule out coincidence or a placebo effect.How it works, is still a bit of amystery to me. But one thing I am sure of. Nicole's intuitive application of remote Jin Shin Jyutsu has truly yielded the desired results.
Keith Tan, Australia


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