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Testimonials - Psychological

Nothing pleases us more than seeing JSJ bring joy and harmony to our clients. Do take your time to immerse in each of the heartfelt sharing below, with the intention that you too, be blessed as much as we are blessed to have been part of each and every healing journey!


Thank you for allowing Hands Flow to be your preferred choice and trusted partner.

Mental - Emotional Healing

JSJ unpeels, heals and renews me
Nicole recounted that I had what she described as an armour-guarded body during my first session with her.  For a long period of time, I had been disconnected from my body.  It took me a long time to understand and realize how emotional and psychological abuse over the years, still ongoing, has caused my body to go into hypervigilance and a chronic freeze state.  Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) sessions with Nicole have helped to awaken my body awareness, from having no awareness of my tense muscles to being able to feel the pain all over my body.  The healing process is like peeling the many layers of an onion.  In the initial sessions, I felt nothing.   After about six months, as more layers were peeled, I began to feel more connected to my body.  There were times when I could feel a tingling sensation, other times soreness and yet other times, intense pain.  There were different types of pain in different parts of my body: my toes, legs, arms, chest, sternum, collar bone and more.  Being finally able to experience some form of pain was a breakthrough.  My high anxiety level and freeze trauma response have resulted in trapped energy in my body.  

Nicole has helped to clear the areas of energy blockage in my body, enabling me to be more in tune to my body pain.  In harmonizing the flow of energy through my body, she also helped to release some of my pain.
 I am grateful to have been introduced to Nicole, a very caring JSJ therapist, who has helped me to get into the deeper depths of my body, mind and spirit, through her light and gentle touch. Apart from being able to get more in touch with my body, I also progressed from being barely audible and having lifeless conversations with her, as she recounted, to being able to speak more audibly and with regained strength.  Nicole also always shares with me ways in which I could do self-help JSJ at home.  Thank you, Nicole, for supporting me in my healing through JSJ.  
KF, Public Servant


My mum has suffered insomnia for many months. She could hardly sleep at night and has to depend on medicine in order to sleep. After each treatment, not only was she more relaxed, she could sleep even longer hours and gradually back to her normal sleep cycle, without medication. We are all glad to see her recovery. Thank to Nicole for her patience and guidance.
Lilian, Private Nurse
Honestly, I can't even begin to describe how good I feel every time I have a JSJ session with Nicole. It's like I'm almost fighting my insomnia. I always feel like something profoundly good has changed in my body's energy at the very least. I admire what you do, so much. I truly feel that what you're doing
is a godsend.
Marcus, Psych Undergraduate
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