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Brain Rejuvenation Program

Cancer Support Program

Hormonal Recovery Program

Regenerative Health for Burnouts/Fatigue/Injury Program

Womb Wellness Program

Personalized Renewal Program

Trauma Resolution Program

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With the ever increasing pace in digitalisation in our modern lifestyle, no one is spared of its profound impact and stress.  Coupled with the pandemic, such challenges in mental health, emotional well-being, psychological trust and health maintenance are heightened and exacerbated. Through specialised hands-on sequences known as flows, JSJ helps to facilitate the physical, mental and emotional harmony within the body.  You will experience liberation from tensions, renewal of tired and noisy minds; and restoration of emotional spirit.  Hence an enhanced immune system and a happy, lighter self. 


Inflammation, injury or pain in any form – physical, emotional or even psychological can be relieved, soothed and harmonised by JSJ treatment. Besides mitigating the impact of acute and chronic conditions, at each treatment session, your body will be relieved of unwanted tension, ‘trauma’ and ‘stress’ that might have accumulated over time.  Thus reigniting your body’s natural ability to rejuvenate from its own baseline of health. By applying the hands-on sequence of flows, pain resulting from strokes, surgeries, traumas, can be significantly reduced and stabilised to a harmonious state when intensive JSJ treatments are applied as early intervention support.  

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In this modern world, we are often overwhelmed with unending medical diagnoses and treatments.  Subjecting our bodies to myriads of medications, chemotherapy or radiation can bring about prolong side effects. 

Receiving regular JSJ treatment can restore our inner flow of energy and relief symptoms of anxiety, nausea, pain and side effects of illnesses. It is definitely a great boost to the body handling such challenges when all else fails. 

Remote Healing

Remote sessions offer a great solution to anyone who are overseas and anyone who is unavailable to travel due to many personal reasons such as illness or mobility restrictions etc. 

Since the onset of pandemic, the demand for remote sessions have increased!  Energy has no limits to time and space. This makes remote JSJ session possible even across thousands miles away!

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