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Nothing pleases us more than seeing Jin Shin Jyutsu provide relief to our clients. Below are some heartfelt testimonials and we are blessed to have been part of their healing journey. 

Anger, Anxiety & OCD
Given my traumatic past -loss my dad to 6-yr battle with cancer, fled from a religious cult, exited from a series of warped, risky relationships, I have very little trust in people. Nicole has a very soothing vibe, and I feel safe and a sense of trust developed instantly. Despite not having prior knowledge in this therapy, my inner self told me that this is the route that my body wants to embark on. Nicole worked patiently with me, through my multitude of ‘projects’- harmonising my psychological and emotional self and resulting in reducing my anger, anxiety and my diagnosed condition -Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Physically, since young and due to my inglorious past, I constantly have issues of allergic rhinitis, eczema, occasional bouts of hives, cold hands and feet, and yeast infections in sensitive areas. The prolonged use of steroids and other oral medication for my allergies and other minor ailments like prolonged flu and infections resulted in the thinning of my skin, and me feeling constantly weak. I sought Nicole’s help to enable my body to heal faster from my ailments.  It was when I started having treatment sessions with Nicole and applying the self-help steps, I felt so much at peace and I “loosened up” gradually. I also found my body responding quickly to healing within and I definitely felt more relaxed and supported
during this trying pandemic period.
Arielle, Public servant 

Testimonials - Psychological

Auto-Immune - Cancer Marker Dropped! 
I have an autoimmune illness and have been on immunosuppressants for the past 3 years.
When Co-vid 19 started, I stopped many activities including JSJ and pilates to avoid too much contact with people.  In May, I had to see my Rheumatologist for my quarterly review.
My doctor and I were equally shocked that my LDH (296) had increased and was above the normal range (120-246). In the past, my LDH was always normal. LDH is a plausible but not definitive indicator of cancer. My doctor did not increase my medication.
She decided to retest in 2 months before deciding on the course of action.
As my autoimmune illness increases the chances of lymphoma, I decided to restarted JSJ with Nicole, once a week and practiced all that Nicole taught me at home almost daily.
At home, I would also, practice JSJ - main central and all the other flows that Nicole taught me. 
I also added more nutritious food into my diet and cut back on the half glass of wine that I was consuming daily. In July, my blood test results were surprisingly better than I had hoped for. My LDH dropped to 180 (normal).
I am sure JSJ contributed positively to the better than expected results.
Ms B Teoh, Homemaker

Testimonials - Acute

Years of severe epilepsy Gone with JSJ!
My daughter suffered severe epilepsy since the age of 3. Given the frequency of about 100 epilepsy attacks daily, my whole existence revolved caring for her 24/7, neglecting my younger child and our social life is almost non-existent. Despite all the medical attention, her body did not respond well to them and we decided to stop the therapies. During those periods, I didn’t know when was my darkest and lowest moment… We only started JSJ therapy when she was about 8 years old and I had very little expectation in the beginning. The progress she made initially was very subtle but Nicole continued to encourage me to see the little difference and changes she made.  Over time her epilepsy had suddenly “disappeared” together with many challenging behaviours.  Just to mention a few-her temperament had improved tremendously! She could go back to school now and I could start working again! Her screaming and aggressive outbursts were gradually replaced with a calm and positive state of being. She started developing more comprehensible speech and could even carry out good conversations for a prolonged period.  As her vocabulary range increased, she engaged more on purposeful tasks such as looking for books to read and write, and even working on puzzles!  Most grateful of all is her episodic attacks of last 5 years have ended despite the medical specialist being skeptic of her recovery!
I am looking forward to many more happy milestones to come.  
Alicia, Mother of 2 kids

Testimonials - Chronic

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